Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Julien's Auctions: Marilyn Exhibit Photo Gallery

For those who did not attend the exhibit or those who are too far away, I thought might like to see some photos. Thank you to Julien's for putting on such an incredible exhibit and the staff for being so kind and friendly. The exhibit took place at Julien's Auctions in West Hollywood. Enjoy!

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From "Let's Make Love" 1960
World Film Favorite 1953 award
Signed photo
Annotated "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" script in
Marilyn's hand
Marilyn's mink coat
Happy Birthday Dress close-up!
Jane and Marilyn's costumes from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"
Costume from "Bus Stop"
"Warm Regards, Marilyn Monroe"
Dress worn to the premiere of "The Rose Tattoo"
Image result for marilyn monroe the rose tattoo
Marilyn at the premiere of "The Rose Tattoo" 1955
Costume worn for Marilyn's Lillian Russell shoot with
Richard Avedon, 1958
Happy Birthday Dress
Costime from "There's No Business Like Show
Business" 1954
Japan Airlines bag used in 1954
Marilyn's watercolor sketches 
Pine cone tree gifted to Marilyn by Joe DiMaggio
Marilyn's sketch of Arthur Miller
Candid of Marilyn encognito
Marilyn's various address books
Marilyn's St. Christopher pendant and Gemini pendant
Costume from "There's No Business Like Show Business
Signed tiles from JFK's birthday, 1962. Marilyn's
at the top left 
Marilyn's breakfast tray
Costume from "Niagara" 1953
Marilyn's face creams and lotions
Marilyn's stockings and comb
Marilyn's various shoes
Marilyn's various purses
One of the dolls given out during Marilyn's
birthday in 1960
Marilyn's jewelry
Jane Russell's dress from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"
Lamp base
Dress from the promotion for "Niagara" 
Marilyn's artwork
File cabinets

Marilyn's cookbooks
Marilyn's books
Marilyn's artwork
Marilyn's pencil cup
A pair of Marilyn's favorite shoes!
Display featuring her dress from 1958

Marilyn's shirt

The entrance to the exhibit
Ceil Chapman dress worn by Marilyn when she was elected Miss Press Club in 1953

Bus Stop top and hat which is signed by the cast and crew
Marilyn's "Something's Got To Give" script
Costume from "Some Like It Hot" 1959
Signed original passport ID's
Marilyn's shirt

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